Maderas de Venezuela y Turquía

MAVETUR, Venezuelan and Turkish Woods, is a Venezuelan forestry company focused on providing the global market with an innovative portfolio of wood products that meet world quality standards.

We strive to satisfy the specialized requirements of the national and international market with a wide range of products aimed at the industrial, commercial and household sectors, operating under the principles of sustainability, quality and excellence.

We project our leadership based on the experience and work tradition of our staff. We see innovation as the ally of the future we want to build and we assume the commitment to grow with Venezuela.



(Pinus caribaea var. Hondurensis) 

This species is native to Central America and its wood is moderately heavy, generally with resinous odor, without distinctive flavor, reddish-brown heartwood and pale-colored sapwood and growth rings clearly defined by bands of dense tissue.


(Acacia mangium Wild)

The short fiber guarantees high quality wood with characteristics for paper pulp, production of papers for printing and writing, napkins, facials and special papers. You can also obtain wood for use in fine furniture making, carpentry and light construction, as well as to reforest marginal areas, shade and windbreaks. It can also be used to produce coal.


(Eucalyptus urophylla S.T. Blake)

The short fiber of eucalyptus guarantees characteristics highly suitable for the production of papers for printing and writing, napkins, facials and special papers. However, wood can also be obtained for use in heavy construction, bridges, poles, stakes, firewood and coal.



The Uverito plantations are one of the largest artificial forest areas in the world planted by man, with around 500,000 hectares of Caribbean Pine plantations, concentrated in a wooded lot located south of the Anzoátegui and Monagas states.

This forest is a project that was initiated in 1961 by forestry engineer and agronomist José Joaquín Cabrera-Malo, together with the Corporación Venezolana de Guayana `{`Venezuelan Corporation of Guyana`}` and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, which introduced plantations of Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis in the savannas of Uverito for industrial purposes.

The Uverito plantation program started with a nursery and was financed by the Venezuelan State, and since then it has been managed with the fundamental objective of promoting the development of the forest and wood industry in the east of the country.

Today, MAVETUR assumes the challenge of managing, maintaining, protecting, making good use of and responsibly exploiting our beautiful Uverito forests, based on solid environmental principles that sustain the rational exploitation of the plantation.